Love Scrabble


Is it a game? Is it a Gift of Love? Actually it is both. This gorgeous box contains 8 x 50mm square boxes containing a raft of different gifts, which include, Love Heart Sweeties, Chocolate Foiled Hearts, Fruity Chews, 1 x 12 inch Red Heart Balloon, Foam Love Hearts, Jelly Beans and lastly but more importantly Notes of Love. These boxes don't just spell out the words "I Love You" they also with a bit of jiggling around spell the words "Together Forever" "Adorable" and the quote "Life is a Game made for Everyone and Love is The Prize" It arrives in a red or white postal box. You can if you wish send it directly to your Lover with a message that we can hand write for you and include in the box or of course have it sent to yourself. We Love This New Gift of Ours!